Jamylah and the Giants

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Jamylah and The Giants

Jamylah and the Giants is a child's expose of a real-world coverup of Ancient Alien Giants. Optioned for motion picture; this is the compelling story of Jamylah's, initially out of body, encounter with Temuh the Giant, and how no one believes her. Then, through a series of unlikely events, the entire world is brought face to face with the real-world cover-up of Temuh's race of Giants.


Show and tell

Jamylah's classmates introduced to Temuh the Giant's replica.

An amazing journey

Jamylah chasing herself to the hospital in an out of body experience.

When Jamylah is visited by strange visitors

We'll be right there with you, protecting you, said the giants.

Jack her dog knew...

"I love you Jamylah, and that's definitely Temuh's leg bone!"
Story behind the book

I came upon Jim Vieira’s compelling (banned TEDTalk) YouTube lecture about Ancient Alien Giants living in New England. I couldn’t believe it! I covertly told my stepbrother about the lecture only to discover his girlfriend was an eyewitness as a young girl! There was its 8'6'' skeleton with double rows of teeth on her grandparents Ohio farm, which the government had taken away in the early 1970’s. I said: I’m telling this story! I then flew to Ohio for research and was met with an Ancient America expert guide Russell S. Hovland; after praying for one. He took me to all the sights, which helped me in writing this book.


Praise by Jim Viera (Stonemason, Writer)

It's very cool book! I liked how you used dreams and telepathic sharing and other means to convey information and how the giant is speaking from the past in the present, that gives the information a resonance.

It is a good way to open people up to these ideas and invite them to think differently about everything. When I was younger I picked up one of those thin little books on giants read it and then left it behind for 20 years until I started to encounter accounts in documents but I always remembered that the book planted the seed in my head. 

Hope all is well my friend,  good work



Highly recommend

It’s an easy read for children and adults. Peaked my interest and imagination. Would like to know about giants. Each time I’ve read it, I’ve enjoyed it. Story never gets old.

Rhonda L. Walker
Wheaton, IL


Vibrant illustrations make this fun children's adventure extra special.

This is a fun story about the fictional adventure of a dedicated young girl exploring the real life mysteries of ancient artifacts. The artwork is an explosion of color and energy, there’s so much to see in every frame, you can get lost just staring into them. 8 year old me would have loved Jamylah, thanks for creating a smart and interesting character for girls—any kids, really—to look up to!

Los Angeles, CA



Creative, stimulating, wonderful read! Children and adults can both enjoy!

Charles Hill
Phoenix, AZ


Excellent customer service

Purchasing was easy and the delivery was quicker than expected. Answered all my questions. Thanks guys!

Ocoee, FL


Optioned for Motion Picture!
The book has been optioned for live-action motion picture production with CGI Giants!  It will be seen worldwide for its unique timeless relevance as historical fiction.  It’s our history and proof that ancient aliens lived on our planet for a time. The ghosts of whom remain until they return to their home planet.
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About the Author

Adrian Brooks Collins was born in Long Beach in 1965. He grew up in Idyllwild; the mountains above Palm Springs.

He is presently writing its sequel Jamylah and the Giant’s Lost City.
Additionally, he is working on his invention: The Twist, a Spiral Escalator; along with nine other inventions. He is also drafting a musical, and developing an employee-owned, vegan, environmentally conscious theme park and film studio.

"All of us are coders in a programmable universe; our ideas the universe instantly conspires to manifest."

- Adrian B. Collins



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